It can not be the most active gardeners live in peace, if ...

That even with a private garden like ours, in which we put many hundreds of hours of work per year, not everything is happy sunshine, I like to show at this point. 

At the very beginning, when we have created our first iris garden just recently, there was no fence. A loveable dog owner has let his dog romp in our plants. Dozens of newly planted iris, sempervivum, cloves and even a rosebush were everywhere in the garden distracted. Of course, a big dog pile remains. 

In several weeks of work, we constructed a wattle fence of willow and hazel rods.

2008 unfortunately began then the martyrdom of our beloved wattle fence 

This show the fence after the completion in April 2007. Planned was, that the fence shall keep about 5-6 years. It was never intended as a fence for safety, rather only as fence of respect and as decoration. Who wants to enter the garden can do so at any time and without hindrance.
First damage then in the night of 29th May 2008.

The fence was trampled at several places. The location shown in the picture is, due to the bending, the most stable in the whole fence. Here must have someone really kicked purely with violence and the whole area had to be renewed.

On the morning of 20th July 2008 offered to us then this.

1 May 2010

For an upcoming heavy transport are placed special road signs throughout the train station area and the access road. Did not miss the sign in this holder?

Right! There it is

23th May 2010 Day of Open Garden Gate

The plants are in full bloom and there are many visitors expected. 

What is striking when showing the image on the right side? 

Yes! The flowers are missing!

The fence is hanging at this point, because stakes were pulled out. With these stakes was shaved everything from flowers, which was easy reached along the fence.

At the lower end of the garden, this was probably too boring.

One is trampled in the garden and has torn out, which was palpable and what not let pluck out had just been cut off.

And I must confess that in me, while writing this page, again climbing the icy rage.


On morning of 21th Feb 2011 looks it so:


and on morning of 12th Mar 2011 then so:


In this winter also would stolen our metal mushrooms, we get as a gift as deco for the garden.

Apart from the hundreds of dog waste pile, which we have removed in recent years from our lawns, there is of course a very different kind of contemporaries.

Between our garden and the train station is the car park to the station. Unfortunately!

From the middle of the year 2011 we will hit mainly by incompetent truck drivers.


On 26 August, a truck got lost in our iris garden.

On 18 October looks it so at our new, barely finished alpinum bed

and at the truck:

Naturally he wasn't it, of course! Direct witnesses does not exist.

In December,
then drove a truck in the iris garden.
Of which I unfortunately haven't pictures. It remains to say that among all these damaged areas and the road still is a 4 feet wide sidewalk.

27th Apr 2012

After we have removed the rest of the fence in last August, today I'm finished the new fence. In time for our first "Day of open Garden Gate" in this year at 29th Apr.

And then, at the morning of 1 May:

On friday 22th May 2012 get lost the next truck in our new alpinum.


The damage is not so large and resolved quickly, but must it be, that someone enter in our estate where he is here looking for absolutely nothing, damaged something and goes his way?

Unfortunately, there is new to report. In the night of Sunday the 18th Nov. the fence was trampled over several meters and elsewhere also damaged.