Bad Iris    

An iris is a really great flower and find ever more followers. With more than 60000 varieties you can here operate from an immense selection. Colorful illustrated catalogs and rich illustrated websites of dealers provide fantasies and dreams and awaken the desire for this or that Iris. And this, although the own garden is already filled to overflowing with other iris varieties. So you buy at the renowned dealers and breeders, there is a rarely risk of a false purchase. But usually they are most very expensive.

Unfortunately, there are now more and more (hobby)-dealer who offer their irises on the internet and especially on eBay. But many of them have no idea what they sell there. If the accompanying pictures are mostly made itself, you get at least the matching iris from the image. But very often doesn't match the name. And even worse, some even know that they have no idea under which name the iris is officially registered - they simply invent new names and pride themselves in forums.

In the last 10 years, many new traders have pushed the market. But often it is precisely here often very difficult to get the right iris with the correct name. Only a comparison with the offer from other dealers brings this somewhat safety. The shooting down reached here a Danish (hobby?) Dealer where hardly any second iris fits to the specified name.

Been added in the meantime is a big new plant dealer from Germany. This distributes its range in building and garden centers. At least as far the offered iris, I realized that here probably more than the half are sold under false name.

Apparently there are dealers which really could not care less, how they make their money. Main thing, the offered product has beautiful names. For a "common" garden it might not be so bad if the iris adjusts to the breed name or not. But in Germany alone, there now are probably hundreds of iris lovers who want to supplement their collection with a specific varieties - and then there blooms a iris that they have already several times in the garden - and must paid money for it.

Many gardeners have divided their garden in colored areas. Here it is very edifying when a white iris was bought and then a red or blue iris flowers in the middle of the white area.

The devastating effect of the whole thing is that most iris will grow rapidly. Gardeners like to give away one or the other rhizome. Here also the wrong name will pass. So a wrong called Iris is more and more in circulation, it is even moving into public iris collections and then come back over other traders in the subsequent trade.

One way to check the accuracy of an iris before buying you will find on the website of IrisWiki. Write the name of the Iris in the search box, and activate the check box at All public webs.

Another option: Go to Aunt Google or Uncle Bing, optionally select images and write the name of Iris in the search box, and the word Iris before or after. Iris names, which consists of several words you write in "quotes" (e.g.: Iris "Dance Ballerina Dance").