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This is the website of the Brennet Iris Garden. Here you will find more then 6000 high quality pictures of iris flowers, a lots of informations about iris and short descriptions of public gardens in Europe with collections of iris. Also a selection of breeders and sources worldwide and a very complete selection of iris books in different languages.

The garden is visible well good from the outside and can be accessed by arrangement. Visitors are always welcome. Our garden is planted in a manner, that, starting with snowdrops, crocuses, hellebores and cyclamen, throughout the year something is always blooming. But the highlight of the garden is to see the iris in full blossom. This starts in late February / early March with the Reticulatas (onion iris), then continued during April with the miniature and nain iris, followed by the half-height (Media) iris late April to mid-May. And then, early May to mid-June, it goes up into a massive bloom of the high bearded iris. Depending on the weather, the blooming time can delay more than a week sooner or later. 

I. Lutescens near Montpellier / France

II. Lutescens is a dwarf bearded Iris from the environment of the northern Mediterranean Sea. This is near omnipresent at the coast of the south of France. From Pisa in Italy to Toroella de Montgri in Spain. The flowering time is approximately between the 25. March and 20. April. The above picture is taken right side off the highway, near Montpellier. See more in the I. Lutescens Project Galerie

  Our seedlings area is full in bloom. In the moment we have mostly SDB,  MDB and some IB seedlings. Not yet in bloom - they needs 3-4 weeks more - the seedlings of Pseudacorus and Japan iris. In this saison (2019) we have had a mutch of raining. I think, this maybe the reason that the colors are much paler than normal. Also many iris are up to 8" higher than normal.


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