Iris Identify

To make it short, a clear determination of unidentified iris is actually only in direct comparison to another flower (or a very good picture) possible. Just the color is rare a special assistance. Rather, a comparison of the veins on falls (hanging leaves of flowering), which is in any iris breeding as unique as a fingerprint, in connection with the comparison of the overall impression can help sometimes.

In internet forums, we read again and again that there are many fans of iris, have varieties, they can not assign particular. Using images, they and other forum participants try to determine the species. Because of the mass of the already registered iris varieties (> 60000), this is in some cases an almost impossible task. On top of that image is not equal image. Especially digital cameras have a problem with some red and blue tones. 
A relatively safe way is to go with the flower in hand in botanic gardens and other public collections Iris, A relatively safe way is to go with the flower in hand in botanical gardens and other public collections of iris, or visit larger retailers or breeders with display garden and compare flower to flower. (Ask or contact a competent person on site before you go inside with flower in the hands) Below the point "Iris Gardens in Europe", you will find a selection of collections in various countries with labeled iris .
Another problem is that in the meantime are many varieties in the gardens, which have been result from seed propagation in the own garden. Or they come from seed or rizom exchange and were never officially registered. Here assigned a name is simply impossible. It's been almost a second hobby, chasing behind the identification of an unknown iris. Ultimately, you have to accept, that you have one or the other unnamed iris standing in your garden. But also this iris contributes to the successful overall picture of the garden.

Under the point Iris Links you will find a list of dealers and breeders.

Examples based on "Latin Rock"

(the follow images are from different Websites)

and "Haut les Voiles" Château d'Auvers-sur-Oise
as well as "Cameo Wine"
or Seakist
Serene Moment

Photos made by me for further comparison:

Latin Rock Haut les Voiles Chateau d´Auvers-Sur-Oise Cameo Wine Serene Moment