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Here you find some lists with pictures of the iris in our collection in the Brenneter Iris Garden. This are selections from our database

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  Our collection in Oct. 2016

Iris from the german breeders Goos & Koenemann

These pics show irisses we got as gifts from friends and aquaintances or found on flea markets or in stores across Europe.  If you recognize any of these and can provide a name, we'd appreciate if you'd let us know.
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Older files:      
Our collection sorted by year Historic Bearded Iris (1500-1989) PDF     30 mb
Modern Iris (1990-2020) PDF     14 mb
Species and natural hybrids PDF   423 kb
Iris by the breeder Augusto Bianco, Italy Collection Bianco PDF   247 kb
Iris by the breeder family Schreiner, US Collection Schreiner PDF   5,8 mb
Iris by the breeder family Cayeux, France Collection Cayeux PDF   2,6 mb